Tools production

Tool production constructs and makes tooling both for home manufacture and for off-site clients. Orders for construction and production of tool set come from the companies from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and other countries.

We construct and make press-tool dies for direct and molding pressing of thermosetting plastics, transfer molds used for diecasting of thermoplastic and nonferrous metal, die tolling any complexity degree.

Through engineering operates on the basis of automated construction system and production Unigraphics and three-dimensional computer simulation Pro/Engineer. It includes construction of solid models and building-up mechanical engineering assemblies of product with candela output, toolset development on the basis of derived mock-up workpieces with drawing delivery, handle generation for equipment with numerical program control. Equipment family allows to produce tooling such dimensions as: press-tool dies and press-molds 600*400*400, former block- 900*400*300.

High qualification of our staff, application of progressive technology and modern imported equipment (Electrospark punch machine ROBOFORM 400, wire-cut machine ROBOFIL 300 Swiss firm CHARMILLES TECHNOLOGIES and milling-coordinate tool machine with numerical program control, coordinate milling center S-1000D ), application of qualitative tool steel, high procedures discipline and flexible pricing permit us to produce tooling of high quality in time and at competitive prices.

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