Forming manufacture

Forming manufacture carries out all types of cold stamping: notching, perforation, twig cutting, hollow core trimming, simple and multiple bending, drawing, flanging, sheet forming, die cold forging.

The forming department is equipped with automatic presses and crank gear presses with compacting force from 6,3 T to 400 T. Various items are produced from plate stocks by cold stamping. The equipment is represented by crank press, automatic press brakes, sheet stamping automatic presses (PASZ, Germany).

Welding section is equipped with contact welding machines MT 1818; MT 1928, manual argon arc welding machine and semiautomatic machines PDG-312 for arc welding in СО2 environment. The argon welding of light-gage stainless steel 08Х17 and 12Х18Н10Т is carried out on the welding semiautomatic machines Fronius.

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